Assembly Rooms

An elegant Georgian building built for entertaining prestigious visitors to Newcastle and for upper class recreation.

Fun facts

  1. The Assembly Rooms opened in 1776.
  2. They officially opened during Race Week and Newcastle’s most important people were asked to attend a Grand Ball to celebrate the opening. They have since hosted many great events including celebrating Newcastle United winning their first FA Cup in 1910.
  3. They are located on Fenkle Street in Newcastle upon Tyne.
  4. The building was designed by architect William Newton, after members of the public raised money for it to be built.
  5. The Assembly Rooms were used for entertainment purposes, hosting many events and celebrations, including welcoming royalty, famous people and members of the public.
  6. Famous people have visited the Assembly Rooms in Newcastle, including the Duke of Wellington and Charles Dickens as well as in modern times, Alan Shearer and Little Mix.
  7. The Assembly Rooms have been visited by members of the Royal Family throughout the 20th century. They have entertained King Edward VII in 1906 who attended for the opening of the King Edward Bridge and the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) Hospital and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939 who visited for the launch of the HMS King George V battleship.
  8. The building was used by the British army during the First World War.

Then and now

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Assembly Rooms Now
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Assembly Rooms Then
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