St. James’ Park

St. James’ Park football stadium in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The home of Newcastle United football club, also known as ‘The Magpie’s.

Fun facts

  1. St James’ Park is the oldest football stadium in the North East of England.
  2. Football was first played on the St. James’ turf as early as 1880, involving Newcastle Rangers.
  3. Back in the Victorian era, St James’ Park was just a rough patch of land, bounded by Leazes Park and Leazes Terrace.
  4. The location of St James Stadium was historically a place of execution. In 1650, 22 people (including 15 ‘witches’) were taken to the gallows and hung. The last hanging was in 1844.
  5. St James Park is the home of Newcastle United Football Club.
  6. In 1892 (12 years after football was first played at the Stadium) Newcastle United was officially created.
  7. Between 15th December 1962 and 9th March 1963, no football was played at St James’ Park due to a winter freeze that swept across Britain.
  8. Today, the stadium can hold a maximum of 52,405 people.
  9. Today the pitch measures 105 x 68 metres.
  10. On 23rd June 1982, the Rolling Stones were the first major rock band to play at St. James’ Park.

Then and now

Photograph of the outside of St James' Park
Photograph of footballers on St James' Park pitch playing football
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