Tyne Bridge

An iconic bridge, spanning the river Tyne and linking Newcastle and Gateshead.

Fun facts

  1. The current Tyne Bridge took almost 3 years to build, with construction starting in 1925 and finishing in 1928.
  2. It was designed by Mott, Hay and Anderson, a firm of civil engineers.
  3. It is a 7,112 tonne steel and granite structure.
  4. The Tyne Bridge is 59 metres high.
  5. Ship building techniques were used to build the bridge, using rivets and panels which were welded together.
  6. The building of the bridge began with the sinking of water-tight chambers into solid rock on each side of the river which were then reinforced with concrete.
  7. The Tyne Bridge was opened in October 1928 by King George V and Queen Mary.
  8. The Old Tyne Bridge (finished in 1320 and built on the site of a Roman Bridge) had been destroyed in the Great Flood of 1771.
  9. An arch of the Old Tyne Bridge still exists in Sandhill, Gateshead, over which the Swing Bridge was built in 1876.

Then and now

Photograph of the Tyne Bridge
Illustration of the River Tyne showing the Tyne Bridge
Pull out page depicting bridges across the River Tyne; Old Tyne Bridge as is stood in 1739, Tyne Bridge taken down 1866-67, new hydraulic Swing Bridge opened 1876, High Level Bridge and Redheugh Bridge.
Illustration depicting the River Tyne with the Old Tyne Bridge across it and a group of ships alongside text and the Newcastle crest at the bottom
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