Old Eldon Square

A public square in Newcastle City centre.

Fun facts

  1. What we now call Eldon Square was originally called Old Eldon Square, and was named after the First Earl of Eldon who served as Lord Chancellor in the early 1800s.
  2. Old Eldon Square was a rich Georgian neighbourhood.
  3. Old Eldon Square was a 3 sided terrace consisting of high class terrace houses built around a private garden.
  4. John Dobson designed it.
  5. Old Eldon Square was built by Richard Grainger between 1825 and 1831.
  6. In 1923 a World War I memorial was unveiled in the central grassed area which was by this time no longer a private garden.
  7. This memorial features George and the Dragon and was sculpted by Charles Leonard Hartwell.
  8. In the late 1960s and early 1970s the northern and western terraces were demolished to make way for a new shopping centre.
  9. The remaining eastern terrace is a Grade II* listed building which means it is a very important building.
  10. One of the buildings in the Eastern terrace currently acts as an air vent for Tyne and Wear Metro.

Then and now

Photograph of Eldon Square
Illustration of Old Eldon Square
Illustration of Old Eldon Square
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