Newcastle University Arches

The Arches are an iconic symbol of Newcastle University.

Fun facts

    1. Newcastle University was established in 1963.
    2. Newcastle University was originally part of Durham University until it split to form the two separate Universities.
    3. It is ranked in the top 150 Universities in the world and has a world-class reputation.
    4. Newcastle University has four campuses in Newcastle, London, Singapore and Malaysia.
    5. One of the most memorable parts of Newcastle University are the Arches. They were built in 1911 in honour of King Edward VII and if you look closely, there is a statue of the King above the Arches.
    6. Newcastle University was the only University in the UK to award Martin Luther King with an honorary degree (awarded by Universities to someone who has delivered outstanding contributions in their field of work) in his lifetime.
    7. Martin Luther King was a civil rights activist (someone who fights for the rights of other people) during the 1950s and 1960s. He fought for the rights of people including African Americans, where he held non-violent protests to stand up for this cause.
    8. During the First World War (1914-1918), buildings around the University were used as part of the First Northern General Hospital – a hospital to treat wounded military personnel.
    9. Over the course of the war, the First Northern General Hospital at Newcastle University took in at least 41,896 wounded servicemen. This put a huge strain on the University and in 1917 large pavilions (pavilions are like big tents) were erected outside in order to house more wounded men.

Then and now

Photograph of Newcastle University Students' Union & Arches
Photograph of Newcastle University Arches
First Northern General Hosital
Photograph of pavilion tents set up during WWI for the First Northern General Hospital at Newcastle University
Photograph of wounded servicemen standing outside the steps of the Armstrong Building
Photograph of Martin Luther signing the guestbook during his visit to Newcastle University to receive an Honorary Degree
Martin Luther King in King's Hall waiting to accept his Honorary Degree
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